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Best Life Insurance For People Who Are Overweight

Best Life Insurance For People Who Are Overweight

Finding affordable life insurance can be challenging for those who are overweight or obese. Weight can be a factor that increases premiums and makes qualifying for coverage difficult. However, there are ways for people carrying extra weight to find cost-effective life insurance with the right guidance. This comprehensive guide will examine the best life insurance options for overweight individuals.

Being overweight or obese can negatively impact your health in numerous ways and decrease life expectancy. This increased mortality risk leads many insurers to charge higher premiums for those above normal weight ranges. However affordable coverage is still attainable with some diligent research.

By choosing the right kinds of life insurance, utilizing tactics to get better rates, and shopping with the right providers, you can secure the necessary coverage to protect your loved ones at a reasonable cost, even if you are overweight. We will explore the key considerations for finding the best life insurance when overweight.

How Weight Affects Life Insurance Rates

Insurers use actuarial tables and mortality data to assign risk classes and determine pricing. Statistics show increased rates of illness and earlier mortality among those who are overweight. To account for this elevated risk, insurers will charge higher premiums.

The degree of increase depends on your level of obesity and BMI (Body Mass Index) score, which measures your weight in proportion to your height. The higher your BMI, the greater the premium increase:

  • Overweight: BMI 25-29 – Low extra premium
  • Obese Class 1: BMI 30-34 – Moderate increase
  • Obese Class 2: BMI 35-39 – Significant increase
  • Morbidly Obese: BMI 40+ – Potentially uninsurable

Note these general brackets may vary slightly by insurer. Your medical exam and other health factors also influence final pricing.

Losing weight can help improve your risk class and reduce premiums over time. Significant weight loss may also make you eligible for a lower policy rate.

Best Life Insurance For People Who Are Overweight

Choosing the Best Kind of Life Insurance

The type of life insurance policy you choose plays a big role in keeping costs down when overweight. Here are the best policy options:

Term Life Insurance

Term life provides pure death benefit protection for a set period of time – typically 10 to 30 years. It is substantially cheaper than permanent forms of life insurance. Premiums will be higher when overweight but remain relatively affordable.

Term life allows you to lock in coverage you need at a price you can budget for. It’s ideal for protecting your family until they are financially independent and debts like a mortgage are paid off.

Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

Guaranteed issue life insurance does not require a medical exam. Insurers automatically approve you for coverage up to a low policy limit such as $25,000.

The premiums are higher than underwritten policies but provide a solution if you have declined coverage elsewhere. Guaranteed issue life insurance offers a basic safety net.

No Medical Exam Life Insurance

Some life insurance companies offer policies that don’t require a full medical exam – just an application health questionnaire. This streamlined underwriting often results in better rates for those who are overweight compared to fully underwritten policies.

No exam life insurance provides a nice middle ground with more coverage than guaranteed issue plans.

Getting the Best Rates When Overweight

While your weight does impact your mortality risk class, there are tactics for minimizing rate increases when shopping for life insurance coverage:

Work with an Independent Agent

Independent brokers have access to quotes across multiple highly-rated life insurance companies. This allows them to shop your case and find you the most competitive rate.

Get Quotes from Specialized Insurers

Some life insurance providers specialize in higher-risk applicants, including those who are obese. They are more lenient in their underwriting, resulting in better pricing.

Ask About Special Programs

Many insurers offer special programs with discounts for individuals with higher BMIs who have actively lost weight and improved health.

Optimize Other Health Areas

Having optimal cholesterol, blood pressure, and glucose levels can help counterbalance weight-related risks and bring down costs.

Exclude Riders When Possible

Riders providing additional benefits like waiver of premium or accelerated death benefits add cost. Declining them saves money.

Choosing the Best Life Insurance Company

The insurer you choose can significantly impact the rates and coverage you qualify for when overweight or obese. Here are the top options:

Haven Life

Haven Life streamlines underwriting using an online application without medical exams. They offer very competitive rates for those with higher BMIs.

Ladder Life

Ladder Life uses a data-driven approach to provide affordable coverage for overweight applicants in their mid-30s to 60s who otherwise may pay higher premiums elsewhere.


Bestow offers easy 10 or 20-year term life insurance with online applications and no exams required. Their underwriting algorithms provide reasonable rates for many people who are overweight.

Ethos Life

Ethos uses advanced data analytics to allow overweight individuals to qualify for term life insurance at excellent rates instantly online without medical exams.

Fidelity Life

Fidelity Life has very lenient underwriting guidelines and specialized programs to provide economic protection for plus-sized policyholders.

While most insurers will charge higher premiums when overweight, finding one willing to offer competitive pricing can provide significant savings.

How Much Coverage is Needed?

If you are above average weight, having life insurance is particularly important to ensure debt is paid off and final expenses are covered, so your family is not left with a financial burden.

As an overweight individual, you may not need millions in a death benefit, but having enough coverage to pay important obligations is wise protection.

When determining how much you need, add up:

  • Funeral and final expense costs
  • Loved ones’ housing expenses and living costs
  • Education fund per child
  • Vehicle and consumer debt balances
  • Remaining mortgage balance
  • Any business buy-out costs

This provides an estimate of what it would take to maintain your family’s financial standing if you were to pass away. Opting for guaranteed issue or no medical exam policies can provide this basic level of protection if underwritten coverage is cost-prohibitive.

Overcoming Insurance Application Hurdles

The life insurance application process presents challenges for overweight individuals. Being prepared helps overcome obstacles to getting covered:

Accurately Estimate Your Weight

Precisely estimate your current weight even if on the high end. Incorrect or out-of-date info gets flagged during underwriting. Better to be transparent upfront.

Know Your Complete Medical History

Provide full and accurate details on medical conditions, prescription medications, and treatment plans. Attempting to minimize health issues also raises concerns.

List Any Weight Loss Efforts

Insurers look favorably at documented weight management efforts like nutrition plans, exercise regimes, and bariatric surgery consultations.

Avoid Making Rushed Applications

Rushing through multiple online applications trying to find the cheapest quote can backfire resulting in all declines. Slow down and be thorough.

Work With an Independent Agent

A qualified independent agent will identify the right insurers and programs to fit your health profile and avoid wasted applications. Their expertise improves results.

Exploring Alternatives to Life Insurance

If life insurance premiums remain unaffordable even after shopping extensively, alternatives like the following may supplement coverage:

Mortgage Life Insurance

Mortgage life insurance attached to your home loan pays off the remaining mortgage if you pass away before paying it off. This protects your family from losing their home.

Employee or Union Insurance

Many employers and labor unions provide free life insurance benefits. Review your coverage to see if it provides enough protection.

Decreasing Term Life

A decreasing term life policy is structured to match the declining balance on a specific debt like a mortgage or loan. It decreases as the debt gets paid off.

Accidental Death Insurance

Accidental death policies pay out if you die from an accident versus natural causes. Premiums are usually affordable regardless of weight.

Weigh the trade-offs of these alternatives against needs when deciding on life insurance plans. A combination may prove most optimal if fully underwritten coverage has budget limitations.

FAQs about Life Insurance for Overweight Individuals

Does weight affect my life insurance rate?

Yes, the higher your BMI, the more insurers will increase your premium. Statistics show increased mortality among obese individuals. Losing weight can help improve risk ratings over time.

What is the best affordable option for an obese person?

Term life insurance and no medical exam policies offer the most affordable options for overweight or obese applicants compared to whole life insurance. Some insurers also specialize in higher BMI cases.

Can I still get life insurance if I am 100+ pounds overweight?

Yes, guaranteed issue life insurance is available regardless of weight and medical history. The policy amounts are lower but provide a basic safety net. No exam policies are also an option for bigger coverage needs.

Will I get denied for being overweight?

Each case is different, but in general BMIs under 40 have good chances, especially with no exam policies. Those 100+ pounds overweight are still usually insurable, just at higher rates. Preparing your application is key.

Does losing weight later lower my premiums?

Yes! Many insurers offer reduced rates and policy upgrades if you lose weight and improve health metrics like cholesterol after the policy starts.

Can I avoid a medical exam to get life insurance?

Yes, some life insurers like Haven, Bestow, and Ethos offer streamlined underwriting with just an application health questionnaire instead of full medical exams. This results in better rates for those who are overweight.


While carrying extra weight can make qualifying for affordable life insurance more challenging, options exist to secure necessary coverage for protecting loved ones. Following the guidance in this article will help you find and apply for the best life insurance policies when overweight or obese. With some diligent comparison shopping and a knowledgeable insurance agent assisting you, you can obtain reasonably priced coverage.

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